Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of Gimme Shelter in Paris

October 27, 2014 • Storm Shadow Crew


Vanessa Hudgens attending the premiere of her latest film Gimme Shelter at le Grand Rex theater in Paris

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New Jersey Woman Talks About ‘Gimme Shelter’ Movie Based On Her Life

May 18, 2014 • New York CBS Local • Diane Macedo 


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Escaping an abusive situation is the premise for the movie “Gimme Shelter,” one of the winners at this year’s Christopher Awards.

It’s also all too familiar for the New Jersey woman whose life the film is largely based upon.

Kathy DiFiore told CBS 2’s Diane Macedo that she was in a marriage “that didn’t work,” left her husband and then was on the verge of homelessness. She later found a job and bought a small house. But she said after that experience, she wanted to help

abused women who were in a similar situation, so she began taking them into her home.

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Vanessa Hudgens Tastes Harsh Reality of “Gimme Shelter”

April 25, 2014 • Entertainment Tonight


How many actors can say that the role they played actually made a huge impact on their life? Vanessa Hudgens portrays a pregnant, homeless teen forced to flee her abusive mother (played by Rosario Dawson) in the harrowing film Gimme Shelter, on Blu-ray, Digital HD and VOD April 29, and she got a taste of the harsh reality portrayed in the film while preparing for her role.

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Ronald Krauss and Kathy DiFiore on The Blaze

January 30, 2014 • The Blaze


Stu talks to the team behind the new film 'Gimme Shelter' and the woman who inspired it all.

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Vanessa Hudgens on Chelsey Lately

January 30, 2014 • Chelsey Lately

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Vanessa Hudgens on the Queen Latifah Show

January 30, 2014 • The Queen Latifah Show

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Vanessa Hudgens Hits the Red Carpet for Gimme Shelter

January 24, 2014 • Hollywood TV


Vanessa Hudgens looked sensational as she stepped out on the red carpet for the NYC premiere of Gimme Shelter. Vanessa was joined by co-stars Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday night. The former Disney star plays a troubled teen who runs away from an abusive mother and tracks down a father she never knew. Dawson and Fraser play her on-screen parents.

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Rosario Dawson on The Queen Latifah Show

January 23, 2014 • The Queen Latifah Show


Rosario Dawson talks about finding a chosen family.

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Vanessa Hudgens Goes Gritty in 'Liberating' Role

January 23, 2014 • The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda


The actress joined TODAY to chat about starring as Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant runaway teen in her new role, ”Gimme Shelter.” She spent time in homeless shelters to prepare. "I never had a chance to sink my teeth into something like this before,” she said.

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Kelly and Michael Interview Rosario Dawson

January 22, 2014 • LIVE! With Kelly and Michael

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Vanessa Hudgens talks about her new movie, Gimme Shelter

January 22, 2014 • The View


Vanessa Hudgens talks about her new movie, Gimme Shelter.

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How Vanessa Hudgens Celebrated Her Birthday

January 20, 2014 • The Ellen Degeneres Show


She gave Ellen all the details on her incredible birthday festivities!

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Vanessa Hudgens Melts over Meryle

January 20, 2014 • The Ellen Degeneres Show


There are few people who aren't impressed by Meryl Streep, and Vanessa Hudgens is not one of them! She gushed to Ellen about meeting the icon backstage.

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Vanessa's Shocking ‘Gimme Shelter’ Transformation

January 16, 2014 • Entertainment Tonight

Vanessa Hudgens portrays a pregnant, homeless teen forced to flee her abusive mother (played by Rosario Dawson) in the harrowing new film Gimme Shelter, inspired by a true story, and both Vanessa and Rosario reveal to ET that their physical transformations were only the first step in disappearing into their complicated characters.

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Gimme Shelter Review

January 1, 2014 • Reelz Richard Roeper


Richard Roeper reviews Gimme Shelter starring Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser. 

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Woman's choice to save mothers, babies focus of ‘Gimme Shelter’

December 9, 2013 • 9News Jack Maher


KUSA - A powerful new movie is coming to Denver that has a true story at its core. "Gimme Shelter" is based on a woman who's worked non-stop to change the way shelters deal with teen mothers who've run from home.

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